Classroom Policy and Procedures

Dear Parents,


Our class has worked together to come up with our important class rules and essential agreements.  They are:

  1. We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  2. We will listen to our teachers
  3. We will follow all hallway rules
  4. We will do our personal best
  5. We will be kind and respectful to others
  6. We will keep our classroom clean and safe


We have also talked about the consequences of not following the rules.  We have a color chart in our class room. 


Purple- Outstanding

Green- Ready to Learn

Yellow- Think about it

Red- Parent Contact


Please talk about the rules with your child at home.  Write his/her name and then have him/her trace it. Please sign your name.  This will let us know that you have discussed the rules and are aware of the consequences.  Your child’s agenda will indicate how your child behaved that day.  If there is a color other than blue, purple, or green, you will receive a brief written explanation on the back of the page on that date.



Mrs. Capers & Ms. Grober