Classroom Rules

Class Rules-Designed and Signed by Us!  We create a short list of rules based on the Essential 20 Rules of BRES.  We type up a contract listing these rules and a copy of this contract is sent home to be signed by students and parents.

Behavior will be reinforced using a clip chart.  Our clip chart directly correlates with the PBIS rewards and consequences.  Students will have warnings and earn rewards accordingly.  They will be rewarded with Class Dojo points and Spirit Bucks and will have consequences such as walking the wall at recess and quiet lunch when necessary.  If a student reaches Teacher’s Choice (orange) on the clip chart, a reflection form will be filled out and sent home to be signed.  If a student clips to red, parents will be contacted by administration and by me personally. The students will record their behavior for the day in their agenda which will be signed nightly.