Mrs. Lakeshia McMillon, Chinese Immersion

Mrs. McMillon

Mrs. McMillon Fourth Grade Chinese Immersion

Hello All Star Families. My name is Mrs. McMillon. I am a Highly Qualified Fourth Grade Teacher at Broad River Elementary. This is my fourth year being employed with the Beaufort County School District. I am excited that I have the opportunity to join the Chinese Immersion team this year. My goal is to make difference every day in the lives of our youth and continue to learn something new each day. I love teaching fourth grade and establishing relationships with my students, parents, and staff. I am a proud Army Veteran and a former youth counselor. I believe those career paths have made me realize the importance of my position as a teacher even more because our youth need to be educated by individuals who are open-minded, flexible, and compassionate.  I am looking forward to another “All Star” year!

Mrs. McMillon's class