Essential 55 Classroom Rules

Rules: The Essential 55


  1. Always answer adults by saying “Yes, Ma’am” or “No, Sir”.
  2. Always maintain eye contact.
  3. Always say Thank you
  4. When given something, don’t insult the gift or the giver.
  5. Surprise others with random acts of kindness.
  6. Don’t return to backpack until end of day
  7. Don’t slouch or slump in your seat
  8. Stand to speak in class
  9. Speak clearly, loudly, and confidently while teaching
  10. When you cough, sneeze, or burp, you should turn your head away and cover your mouth and say Excuse Me.
  11. Always perform your class job.


  12. When grading papers, always give the correct grade.
  13. Always follow along when reading in class.
  14. Answer all written questions in complete sentences.
  15. Don’t ask for rewards for behavior or grades.
  16. Always complete all homework.
  17. Transition should be swift, quiet, and orderly.
  18. Stay organized
  19. Don’t moan or complain when homework is assigned.
  20. All rules still apply when a substitute is present.
  21. Follow classroom protocol.
  22. Push in your chair when you leave your desk/table.
  23. No gum or candy, unless a reward
  24. During fire drills, stand in a straight, quiet and orderly line.
  25. When transitioning, leave area clean
  26. Keep cubies neat and clean.
  27. During lesson/song, always participate.
  28. The class should learn the song before adding dance to it.
  29. No folding, cutting, or coloring unless directed during lesson.
  30. No running in the classroom
  31. Keep your desk and work area organized.


  32. While on tablets, go only where instructed
  33. Use ear buds during free time.
  34. Always hold your tablets with both hands in transition
  35. No food and water around the tablets
  36. Treat your tablet with respect


  37. No talking until the cup is blue.
  38. Only talk at voice level “1”
  39. Keep food, trash, and hands on your own tray.


  40. Always walk in a straight line, with hands to your side.
  41. Level “0”
  42. Pick up feet when walking
  43. Passing an administrator/teacher, smile and wave ONLY.


  44. Dismissal time, we lineup and leave together.


  45. When receiving a consequence, if you backtalk or complain then you get another.
  46. Be honest and put up your warning if I didn’t see it


  47. You have 5 days to make up work you miss.
  48. You are responsible for makeup work.



  49. On playground, use good sportsmanship
  50. Line up at sound of whistle.


  51. When someone wins or does something well, congratulate that person.
  52. During a class discussion, respect others comments, opinions, and ideas.
  53. If you do something well, don’t brag. If you lose don’t show anger.
  54. When asked a question, respond with a question.
  55. Don’t smack your lips, roll your eyes, or show disrespectful gestures.