Classroom Policies and Procedures

Classroom Procedures: Together as a class, we came up with 5 rules we need to follow to make sure our day runs smoothly. These 5 rules are: 
1. Treat people and property with respect.
2. Ask for permission to leave your seat.
3. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
4. Follow directions quickly.
5. Do your best work. 

I will be holding your children to these 5 rules because they help the running environment run smoothly, allowing all of us to do our best work and learn as much as we can during the day. To hold students accountable for their behavior, we will be using a clip chart. They can move up on the clip chart by going above and beyond, acting like model students. They can move their clips down for breaking one of our five classroom rules. They will get one warning before moving down.
The clip chart behaviors are as follows:  
• Pink- Picture Perfect
• Purple- World Traveler
• Blue- Cruising
• Green- Ready for Take Off
• Yellow- Trip Delay
• Orange- Detour
• Red- Lost 

We all start the day on green (Ready for Take Off) and move from there. Students will be recording their behavior each day in the planners. I ask that you look this over each night and sign it. If they end the day below green, I will write a short note explaining why. I will also be using Class Dojo ( to track behavior and communicate with parents. I sent the directions to sign up home with your student. Please follow these directions so we can connect and you can keep up with what is going on in the classroom.