School Supply List

This year, our class will be using specific items to do different things throughout the school year. These things will help to ensure that our class is positively progressing towards achieving our goal of enhancing student achievement. The items that we would like to help us accomplish this goal are:
-small bookbag, without wheels
-1 pack of index cards
-1 box of 24ct. crayons
-1 pair of rounded 5" blade scissors
-2 pocket folders
-4 packs of #2 pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga works the best!)
-3 marble composition notebooks
-2 glue sticks
-1 pack of papermate pearl erasers (medium size)
-1 1" 3 ring binder
-1 pair of headphones/earbuds

Donations are greatly appreciated!
-hand sanitzer
-ziploc bags (quart or gallon size)
-dry erase markers
-1 additional marble composition notebook
-additional glue sticks
-crayola markers
-Lysol disinfectant wipes