ABC's for First Grade

ABCs of First Grade

This is your guide to all things First Grade! Please keep this packet to refer back to throughout the year.




Absences:  All absences require a note.  You can send a note when your child returns to school.  You can e-mail the data specialist or write a note in the agenda, and I will send a copy to the office


Administrators: Mrs. Goodwine-Lewis (principal) & Mrs. Allen (assistant principal)


Agenda: Check student’s agendas every day for daily behavior. If you need to write me a note, please do so in the agenda. I will send notes home via the agenda as well.


Allergies:  If your child has any allergies, please let me know. 




Birthdays:  You are welcome to eat lunch with your child and/or send in a birthday treat for your son or daughter on his or her special day. All items must be store bought and served during our lunch time only.  


Buses:  If your child is riding the bus, the following rules apply:

  1. If your child has a change in transportation for the day, you must send a note. 
  2. We can not take transportation changes over the phone. 
  3. Also, check your child’s after school program for any scheduled closings so we know where to send your child. 
  4. Emergency changes can be faxed into the school by 1:30 PM at 322-8380.




Car Riders:  Car riders can be picked up in front of the building in the car rider loop. You will need a car rider number.


Clip Chart: Every child has a clip which can be moved up or down according positive behavior expectations.


Communication:  Communicate regularly with your child’s teacher by telephone (322-8322), email (, or writing.


Conference:  There is one formal conference each year.  However, you can request a conference at any time. I will request conferences throughout the year as needed.




Dress:  Children should wear appropriate clothing that will help maximize their learning and comfort.  Shoes should be closed toes (no flip flops, crocs, or sandals) for safety on the playground.  Sneakers must be worn for PE. Children might want to keep a sweater in their book bags for days when the air conditioning feels too cold.  An extra change of clothes can be kept in their book bag in case of an emergency (not mandatory, however).

Our school uniform policy asks that students wear red, white, black, or navy blue collared shirts and khaki, navy blue, black bottoms (no cargo pants). If their bottoms have belt loops, they must wear a belt. Belt buckles must not be oversized, computerized or offensive.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Stockings and tights are permitted as long as they’re solid school colors. You will be contacted if your child is not wearing the correct uniform. If you have problems getting any of these items, please contact me, and we will make sure you get what you need! J




E-mail Address: – E-mail me anytime.




First Grade:  Fabulous, fun, and fulfilling!


Folders: Folders will go home every day. They will contain our weekly newsletter, homework for the day, and important papers that need to go home or be returned. These folders should be returned every day.




Grades: Grades will be kept online through PowerSchool. You can go online to view your child’s grades any time. To gain access to this, you will need a passcode from the office.




Homework:  Homework will be sent home in students’ homework folder at the beginning of the week. Students will have math, ELA, Chinese, and reading homework every night. Although it sounds like a lot, it should not take too much time – it is simple practice to reinforce skills taught earlier that day. Please do not have your child complete the whole packet of homework in one night. Homework should be sent back in the folder on Friday.


Hours: School begins at 7:20 AM and ends at 2:45 PM. Please try your best to schedule any appointments after the school day to ensure your child is not missing any valuable instructional time.




Involvement:  There are many opportunities for parent involvement. Please complete the volunteer application form found on our school website.


School Improvement Council:  A group of parents, teachers, and administrators that help review school issues and policies.


PTO:  Please join!






Keep us informed of things that happen that might affect your child in school.  We can better help meet your child’s needs.




Library: (Media Center) Your child will have weekly class visits to the media center. If a library book is lost, it must be paid for before the child has library checking out privileges again. Your child will still have access to books in the classroom.


Love your teachers, Mrs. Moreno & Mrs. Snyder! J


Lunch:  Lunch will be at 10:45 AM.  School lunch costs $1.65.  If your child buys lunch, money can be put in his or her account weekly or monthly.  Students are learning how to put in their own lunch numbers on a key pad in the lunch line.  Milk can be purchased separately for $.75.  If you have any questions about the lunch account, the Food Service office can be reached at 843-322-0800.  Parents are welcome to come and have lunch with your child on any day.  Just remember to sign in at the office.




Math:  Math is everywhere!  Take advantage of easy opportunities for math experiences such as cooking together (measurement), counting an identified object while driving in the car, setting the table (patterns), and examining loose coins to help with coin identification.  The possibilities are endless!


Our math curriculum is called EnVision Math. This will be taughtcompletely in Spanish by Me. I will provide enrichment and remediation in English when needed.




Nurse:  We have a wonderful school nurse. The nurse’s office phone number is 322-8422






Phone Numbers: The school office number is 322-8400. The fax number is 322-8380.




Question your child about the school day.  We really do other things other than recess and lunch!


Quick, positive good-byes help your child start the day happy!




Reading:  READ …READ…READ…Please read with your child every day.  Our school library and the public library are great resources for all types and genres of reading materials.  There are books on CD and magazines. Part of their homework will be to read for 20 minutes at night. I will send home Spanish books each night to help with this. This will begin in a few weeks.


Reef: Our school is implementing a new system this year. Each student will be “sorted “into a reef were they will be able to gain points. The reef with the most points at the end of each quarter will receive a celebration! Students in grades Pre K through 2nd will be in the “Reef in Training.” They will work hard and be rewarded based on good behavior. Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Allen are the only ones that get to award points to reefs! Since we are part of the “reef in training” students will be able to gain points for their teachers “Reef.” This year we are a part of the WHITE REEF, PERSEVERANCE! This is the reef of PERSEVERANCIA!!


This is a whole new system so please be aware that we will keep you informed about new information as we get it! J


Related Arts: We have related arts every day from 11:20 – 12:15.

          Monday: Science Lab

          Tuesday: Library (media center)

          Wednesday: PE (wear tennis shoes!)

          Thursday: Music

          Friday: Art


Report Cards:  Report cards will come home four times a year and progress reports will come home four times as well.


Rules:  We are a PBIS School. We have expectations for behavior – our main expectation is responsibility. Students should show responsibility throughout the day all over the school. We will go over how to do this in detail the first few weeks of school, as well as revisit the expectations throughout the year.




Spanish Immersion: We are excited to give your child the opportunity to learn Spanish through immersion. Fifty percent of their day will be in Spanish – this means that science and math will be taught completely in Spanish. They will also have some Spanish language instruction. Since there is less English instruction than in a “normal” classroom setting, your support in all subject areas is imperative!


School Forms:  Emergency cards, nurse’s medical information cards, and internet forms all need to be on file in school to keep your child safe and healthy.  Please return these to school as quickly as possible.


School Mascots:  We are proud to be Starfish!


Snacks: We will take it after recess time, it should be something little. (some crackers, a piece of fruit, or a juice)




Technology:  We will be using technology every day in our classroom. Our classroom is equipped with laptops, a Promethean board, CD players, digital cameras, a document camera, and recording devices for Spanish practice. We will be getting iPads on September 22nd!!




Understand that we consider parents, children and teachers as a learning team.




Visit your child’s classroom by making an appointment. I strongly encourage seeing our Spanish language learning in action!


Volunteers are welcome.  Make an appointment with me.  In order to participate in volunteering in the classroom or chaperoning on a field trip, you must have a background check (easy and painless).  Volunteers can access the application on the school website.




Water is the drink for school. (Please do not send in water bottles. Your child will have access to water fountains.)




marks the spot we have in our hearts for your children.




Your participation does make a difference in your child’s education!




Zoom goes the school year!  Enjoy the ride!