Mrs. Lakeshia McMillon, Chinese Dual-Language

Mrs. McMillon

Mrs. McMillon Fourth Grade Chinese Immersion

Hello All Star Families. My name is Mrs. McMillon. I am a Highly Qualified Fourth Grade Teacher at Broad River Elementary. This is my fourth year being employed with the Beaufort County School District. I am excited that I have the opportunity to join the Chinese Dual-Language team this year. My goal is to make difference every day in the lives of our youth and continue to learn something new each day. I love teaching fourth grade and establishing relationships with my students, parents, and staff. I am a proud Army Veteran and a former youth counselor. I believe those career paths have made me realize the importance of my position as a teacher even more because our youth need to be educated by individuals who are open-minded, flexible, and compassionate.  I am looking forward to another “All Star” year!

Mrs. McMillon's class