Classroom Policies and Procedures

Classroom Procedures/Policies:

In order to have a successful school year, students need to receive as much instructional time as possible.  I have listed our class expectations and procedures below.

  • Classroom Rules:
    • Follow directions the first time
    • Be respectful
    • Be responsible
    • Raise your hand to speak
  • Behavior Plan:  In my classroom I use Class Dojo to reward students for expected behaviors but they can also lose points for not following classroom/school rules.  I am attaching the link to the website plus I sent home a letter on how to sign into Class Dojo.  Please let me know if you need another copy and I will send another one home.  Every couple of weeks students can use their points that they have earned to either exchange them for Splash Cash that they can use at the School Store or they can use their points in our classroom for rewards such as treasure box, extra computer time, etc.  Another thing I love about Class Dojo is that we can message each other on it.  I can let you know that your child had a great day or let you know why your child lost points. Please make sure you sign up so we can easily stay in touch.  You can either check it on your computer or download the app on your phone for instant alerts.
  • Communication: Communication is key!  Please always feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.  As stated above, if you are on Class Dojo you can always message me on there.  We can also communicate using your child’s agenda, take home folder, phone calls, and conferences throughout the school year.

    Other Information:

  • Red Take Home Folder: All students are given a red take home folder that will go home daily and should be returned every day.  This folder is our way to communicate with parents.  Please take the time to look through the folder every day.  One side is for papers that need to be returned to school and the other is for papers that stay at home.  Each student will be held responsible for their own folder.  Students are to use this folder for their homework as well.  Students should usually have homework in their folders daily.  Their assignments should also be written in their agendas.  Students will be required to bring this folder with their completed homework inside everyday.
  • Homework: Please complete the daily homework, read nightly, and sign agendas.
  • Lunch: Your child may either bring his/her lunch from home or obtain lunch from the school cafeteria.
  • School Agendas: Each student will receive an agenda.  They will be held responsible for taking it home every day and returning it back to school each day.  Please sign (initial) and check agendas every night.  I may write notes in your child’s agenda about upcoming events, behaviors, etc.  Each student is responsible for writing down their homework daily in their agenda.


  • Classwork: Class work will be assigned daily and must be completed by your child during the allotted time. This is their responsibility at school.  If necessary, extra time will be given to students as deemed by the teacher.
  • Conferences: At times, it will be necessary for us to have a conference.  Please call the school, in advance, if you would like to schedule a conference.  If for some reason you are unable to make a scheduled conference, PLEASE call the school to cancel and possibly reschedule. 
  • Snacks:  Your child may bring in a snack however, with our schedule we don’t always have time to eat it.  We eat lunch at 11:05-11:35 and then have recess at the end of the day from 2:15-2:45 making it hard to find a time for a snack break.  We normally go outside for recess which isn’t the ideal place to have snack.  However, if your child states that they are hungry I will do my best to find a time for them to have a quick snack.

Just remember that my door is always open and we will work together throughout the year to ensure a successful year for your child. It is very important for your child to be in school and on time to make the most of his/her day. Let another great year begin!