Mrs. Symone Bowen

Welcome to 2nd grade!


Dear Families,

This is going to be an awesome school year! I am happy to be sharing it with you and your child. The first week of school will focus on rules, routines, procedures, and protocols. I hope that together we can help your child have a successful second grade experience!

Communication is key in my classroom!  Please always feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns. I will be setting up our classroom email distribution list as soon as I have an email address from each parent, as well as our class remind app. We will also communicate by using your child’s agenda, take home folder, my weekly newsletters, phone calls, and conferences throughout the year. In order to build a successful school year for your child, I am asking that you please speak to your child about class academic and behavior and expectations. It is important that our children receive as much instructional time as possible. I have listed our class expectations and procedures below. I am also sending home information that will need to be viewed and signed. Please send all signed forms back as soon as possible.

Information to keep in mind:

  • Lunch: Your child may either bring his/her lunch from home or obtain lunch from the school cafeteria.

  • Homework: Please complete the weekly homework packet, read nightly, and sign agendas.

  • Class Rules: On the first day of school the students and I will create and discuss class rules to ensure the safety and success for everyone.  There are school expectations in place as well that ALL students are expected to follow. (Read below for class rules)

  • Class Rules:

    1. Follow directions the first time.

    2. Raise your quiet hand to speak.

    3. Be kind to each other.

    4. Clean your mess.

    5. Be RESPONSIBLE for what you do!

  • Behavior Plans: Every child is responsible for their behavior. Students are expected to be Respectful, Responsible and Resourceful throughout the entire school.  Students are in control of their own behavior and the resulting consequences. Please talk to your child about behavior expectations. There will be plenty of opportunities for students to be rewarded when they are following the rules. The first week of school, a behavior chart will be reviewed with students, color indicators will be put in the agenda daily to show students behavior for the day.

  • Take Home Folder: All students will be given a take home that will be labeled as such. This folder will go home every day and should return every day. This folder is my way of communicating with parents.  Please take the time to look through the folder. There may be documents in the folder that need to be signed and sent back to school. I will also send home tests and assignments to keep you updated on your child’s progress in class. Please ensure that your child brings them back to school. Each student will be held responsible for their own folder. Students are to use this folder for their homework as well. They will receive homework weekly, on Monday’s in their folder. Students will be required to bring this folder with their completed homework inside every Friday.

  • School Agendas: Each student will receive an agenda this year. They will be responsible for taking it home and returning it back to school each day. Please sign and check agendas every night. The agendas will include your child’s behavior, and a comment from the teacher or parent if needed. Please help your child learn responsibility by reminding them to bring it to school every day.

  • Classwork: Class work will be assigned daily and must be completed by your child during the allotted time. This is their responsibility at school.  If necessary, extra time will be given to students as deemed by the teacher.

  • Graded Papers and Test: Tests and some class work will be sent home for review. Please go over each paper with your child and be sure to praise your child for his/her hard work and good papers. If your child made mistakes on his/her papers, please go over them with him/her. After all, we have to learn from our mistakes. If you have any questions, please call the school or write a note and place it inside the folder. I will try my best to respond as soon as possible. Parents and students will always know in advance when testing or grades are approaching via the class newsletter that will be sent home, Monday of every week. Any student who receives a grade lower than a 70% on any test will require a mandatory parent signature on the test, and will be given the opportunity to re-take the test one time before a final score and grade is recorded.

  • Conferences: At times, it will be necessary for us to have a conference.  Please call the school, in advance, if you would like to schedule a conference.  If for some reason you are unable to make a scheduled conference, PLEASE call the school to cancel and possibly reschedule.  I will contact you twice to schedule a conference this year. I will send home midterm reports, and a report card at the end of each nine-week period.  PLEASE try to make arrangements to come at your scheduled date and time.

  • Snacks:  Sending your child with a snack daily is highly encouraged. We eat lunch at 11:40 am and by mid morning and the end of the day the students are hungry. Your child may bring in a snack that can be eaten during a designated time.

Just remember that my door is always open and we will work together throughout the year to ensure a successful year for your child. It is very important for your child to be in school and on time to make the most of his/her day. Let the fun-filled learning begin!



Symone Bowen


Here’s the ‘scoop’ on 2nd grade!

Broad River Elementary School Hours

School begins at 7:45am

School is dismissed at 2:45pm

(Please see our upcoming class newsletter for the

class’s daily schedule.)

Office Phone: (843) 322-8400