Ms. Gabrielle Gentry






Mrs. Gabrielle Gentry

Highly qualified Early Childhood Educator
Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

I am Mrs. Gabrielle Gentry and this is my first year of teaching. I am ecstatic about beginning my first year here in beautiful Beaufort County. I graduated from Young Harris College in Young Harris, Georgia this past May and received my bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. It is with pleasure that I join Broad River Elementary School to work with your child and lead them to success in first grade!

Our class schedule

7:20- 7:45 AM Morning meeting
8:05 AM Related arts
9:05 AM Math
10:35 AM Science
11:05 AM Recess
11:35 AM Lunch
12:10 PM ELA/Social Studies
2:45 PM Dismissal

Our classroom rules

1. Follow directions
2. Respect others
3. Keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves
4. Raise our hand when we want to speak

Behavior management

Students are encouraged to follow the rules in order to develop self- discipline and become responsible citizens of the classroom community. In our classroom we use a clip chart system. Each morning when your child comes in their clip starts on Ready to learn (green). Throughout the day students can either clip up or down. When students "clip up" they are rewarded for demonstrating excellent behavior and receive a smiley in their agenda. If the student clips down they can either receive a slant face or sad face depending on whether they corrected the behavior or not.

Homework folder and Agenda

The homework folder and agenda are sent home daily and should come back to school with your child each day. The
 homework folder is a way to get completed classwork, school documents, class newsletters, and homework assignments home. It is also a tool for parent/teacher communication. The agenda is also a tool for parent/teacher communication. I will report your child's behavior to you daily in their agenda. This is to be signed each evening to acknowledge that you've seen the report and any additional notes. Please feel free to contact me in your child's agenda if needed.

Homework Policy

Your child will be expected to spend at least 20 minutes each evening reading. This is something that is taken very seriously among myself and fellow first grade team members. When your child takes this time to read, they are working on fluency, accuracy, comprehension, and building stamina. These are all skills that need to be developed as a beginning reader. I will monitor your child’s reading log frequently to ensure that the reading has been done. Your child will also receive weekly ELA skill sheets. Additionally, your child will be completing Mathematics homework using Homelinks. In terms of spelling, first grade will not give spelling tests this year. As a grade-level we will be focusing on sight words and word family words during class. Sight words and word family words will be sent home weekly to practice.